All powered lift equipment (and some non-powered equipment) are required to be inspected annually. Additionally, scheduled services should be done on a minimum annual basis and be in accordance with manufacturer’s recommended intervals. We can set you up on a schedule to have everything completed based on your usage and equipment type. We will also contact you prior to due dates to set it up…taking the hassle out of your hands.

We perform annual lifting device inspections, annual services, and scheduled services on all internal combustion and electric lift trucks, scissor lifts and aerial lifts. We also perform on-site emissions tests for LP and gas powered lift trucks.

We can also provide Pre-operation checklists for your lift truck operators to use daily!

Our repair, inspection and service programs are performed:

  • Promptly at your locations or in-shop at our facility
  • On all types of forklifts and other equipment
  • By mobile, experienced and trained technicians
  • Using quality, reliable and fair-priced parts
  • To accommodate all classes of lifts
  • and designed in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications, CSA and O.H.S.A standards


In accordance with the Canadian Standards Association, all equipment operators (of powered equipment and some non-powered) need to have successfully completed a training course by a certified trainer. Our training consists of a theoretical and practical testing in the classroom and hands on with your equipment at your location. We also conduct training at our facility if necessary.

Our training courses include:

  • Forklift operator
  • Rough terrain forklift operator
  • Working at heights
  • Power elevating work platform
  • Propane handling CH-02
  • Confined space awareness
  • Trenching/Excavation
  • Traffic control
  • Electronics and controls
  • Hydraulic components, valves, controls, hoses and fittings
  • Other

Schedule a repair or inspection today!

If you need repairs or servicing on any equipment, please call (519) 895-0750 or email for immediate service.

Hours of Operation:

Monday – Friday
8am to 5pm EST
After hours by appointment only